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DEALERS WANTED: We are offering a rare opportunity to join Simply Dipping. For a limited time and in limited areas we are looking for aggressive self-starters with a desire to own their own business. Start small and grow. We are expanding and have opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell our fantastic products at Fairs, Festivals, Farmers Markets, Craft Shows, Summer Festivals, etc. Just choose one of our "Dealer Packages" in the menu above. We offer Dealer Packages to fit all budgets.

PRIVATE LABEL: All our Packaged products are available without labels for our Dealers and Wholesale customers. Attach your own label...Build your own brand!!!

FUNDRAISING: Does your club or organization need to raise funds? Simply Dipping offers one of the best Fundraising Programs available. We offer a Fundraising Program where the Club or Organization receives 50% profit on Dips & Desserts sold. Simply Dipping supplies all paperwork needed to complete a very profitable campaign. Contact us for more information.
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656541414167   Apple Tini Wine Slush Mix
656541413573   Bacon Ranch
656541413948   Banana Split
656541413955   Birthday Cake
656541413597   Black Bean Chipotle
656541413962   Blueberry
656541413603   Bourbon Chicken
656541413610   Buffalo Blue Cheese
656541413627   Cajun
656541414204   Cheddar Ale (Beer Cheese)
656541413634   Cheesy Bacon
656541413641   Chili
656541414006   Chocolate Covered Cherry
656541414013   Chocolate Mudslide
656541414020   Cin-A-Bun
656541414044   Coconut Cream
656541413658   Coconut Shrimp
GS-2   Combination Package #2
GS-3   Combination Package #3 (Hot & Spicy)
GS-1   Combination Package # 1
GS-4   Combination Package #4 (Wine Slush Mix)
656541413665   Crab
656541413672   Creamy Ranch
656541413689   Cucumber Dill
WHOLE-1   Farm Market - Mini-Mart & Campground Starter Package
656541413696   Fireroasted Sweet Pepper
656541413702   French Onion
656541413719   Garlic Bacon Ranch
656541413726   Guacamole
656541414211   Habenero
656541414174   Hard Lemonade Wine Slush Mix
656541413733   Hickory Bacon
656541414051   Key Lime
656541414143   Key Lime Margarita Wine Slush Mix
656541413757   Loaded Potato
656541414150   Mudslide Wine Slush Mix
PKG-2015-2   New Dealer & Wholesale Package # 1
PKG-2015-3   New Dealer & Wholesale Package # 2
PKG-2015-1   New Dealer & Wholesale Package # 3 - Our Most Profitable Package
PKG-SAMP   New Dealer Sampler
656541413764   New England Lobster
656541414068   New York Cheese cake
656541414181   Peach Apricot Wine Slush Mix
656541413771   Pepper Jack
656541413788   Portabella Artichoke
656541414082   Pumpkin Spice
656541414099   Red Velvet
656541413795   Roasted Garlic
656541413818   Roasted Garlic Romano
656541414136   Sangria Wine Slush Mix
656541414105   Sea Salt Caramel
656541413825   Seafood
656541413832   Six Pepper Ranch
656541413849   Smokey Cheddar Jalapeno
656541414198   Spinach Artichoke
656541413863   Spinach Parmesan
Manual   Start up Manual
PKG-2015-5   Starter New Dealer Package (Most popular package)
656541414112   Strawberry Shortcake
656541413870   Sundried Tomato
656541413856   SW Jalapeno
656541413887   Sweet Pepper Tomato
656541413894   Texas Ranch
656541413900   Thai Ginger
656541413917   Tomato Basil
656541413924   Veggie
656541414129   White Chocolate Raspberry

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